Training Course Application Requirements

Training School Registration

Any Training School who wishes to register its members with BAThH has to conform to the standard set down by the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum in 2011. A Training school has to go through the following assessment process. BAThH reserves the right to visit any school registered with it to audit compliance. Any School registered prior to the new regulations will have to go through the same assessment process.

Assessment requires:
  • Proof that the school delivers 120 direct tuition hours by providing a schedule of work or timetables
  • The provision of a course syllabus showing compliance to the core curriculum and course learning outcomes as established by H.R.F in 2011 and compliance to the relevant NOS
  • Details of assessment procedures to ascertain suitability for a student to join the course
  • Details of the make-up of the remaining study hours to achieve a total of 450 hours
  • Details of case study requirements
  • Notification of assessment procedures, including breakdown of course work requirements and examination procedures, including confirmation that students will be assessed by a tutor that has not taught them
  • Provision of policy documents such as equal opportunities policy, complaints procedure, health and safety policy, data protection policy and appeals process
  • Evidence of tutor’s suitability for training, i.e minimum two year’s practical hypnotherapy experience and previous training experience
  • Training insurance documents
  • Recommended reading list.

The Core curriculum, HRF Learning outcomes and NOS for hypnotherapy are available on the BAThH website.

Training Schools will undergo a re-assessment every two years or at an earlier date if regulations change or if a complaint is received.

Please send documents to BAThH at 32 Bramley Avenue, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3XW

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